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At the moment we are figuring out how to make production viable re C19, until that happens, things will tick over in the background...

We think that leather is a wonderful material, it is tactile, has a distinctive aroma, we are so confident of our work that we guarantee that as long as it is properly looked after, your belt will outlast you.

We recommend that on a regular basis your belt should be cleaned, waxed and polished, we will give you guidance on how to best do that.

Every hide is different, our ‘Made in Devon' range of belts use hides that have been tanned the traditional way using the oak bark vegetable tanning process.

The picture to the right shows shredded oak bark which is an essential component of the tanning process.

Oak bark tanning has been employed essentially unchanged for many thousands of years.

We source our hides for this range from J & FJ Baker and Co, we personally select every hide.

There has been a tannery on their Devon site since Roman times, which we think is quite fabulous.  

J & FJ Baker and Co are world renowned for the quality of the leather that they produce with passion and patience.

The hides they tan are from Devon cows.The oak bark tanning process is essentially a manual, skilled one, firstly oak bark liquor is made, which is water that has been mixed with shredded oak bark for about six weeks.

Then the hides are steeped in increasing concentrations of liquor for about fourteen months in ‘tan pits’, where they are moved constantly by a water-wheel powered mechanism.  

Each hide is slowly moved from one end of the tannery to the other until it is fully tanned. Skilled ‘curriers’ then use various steps to polish and wax the hide to gain the necessary finish, grain and suppleness.

Where possible, all surplus off-cuts are used to generate heat which is used in key production processes.